The Financial Forum’s Lou Salvino on his 10 Years with VERICO

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Congratulations to Lou Salvino, President of VERICO The Financial Forum for achieving his 10-year milestone with the VERICO network, as well as achieving his 30 years of service in the industry! Below, Lou shares his thoughts on his journey so far.

“From the instant I joined VERICO, it was obvious I made the right choice. Prior to joining VERICO, I was very apprehensive as I have previously been independent for so many years. Thankfully, from the welcoming reception of the VERICO Canada team; to all our lending partners who had nothing but great things to say about VERICO; to the many VERICO members and colleagues I had the pleasure to meet over the years and most importantly, our clients who know about VERICO and what to expect throughout our dealings. I’m proud to be in this industry and to be a part of the VERICO network,” says Lou.

“To succeed, you must constantly change; if we don’t, we create the risk of failure. This risk could be due to regulations, technology, shifts in clients’ buying behavior, market conditions and etc. Our business has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. Looking back, this is one of the primary reasons we joined the VERICO network. Economies of scale dictate that it would be wiser and more efficient for us to let VERICO handle many fundamental issues for us. This helps us focus on our business while we introduce new, innovative ways to reach our client base,” he adds.

“The tools that VERICO provides has helped us become very efficient at managing work flow, client communications and marketing. Looking over the past 10 years, it has been a series of events that ensured I made the right choice in choosing Canada’s most trusted network.”

Martin Marshall, Director of Business Relationships, Eastern Canada says, “VERICO is extremely proud to have Lou Salvino and The Financial Forum as one of our valued members. Lou has proven that operating your business in a professional and ethical manner is the key to success!”

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