VERICO welcomes Redwood Mortgages

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Robert Gascon shoots straight and announces: “We are Changing”

VERICO’s newest licensee, Robert Gascon, has almost four decades of experience in the mortgage industry, and knows a thing or two about how to make a business succeed in an ever-changing economic landscape.

We caught up with Robert to find out exactly how he keeps his business offerings relevant while finding new ways to capitalize in the broker channel.

V: As an already successful brokerage, why did you decide to join VERICO?

RG: Redwood Mortgage has a sister company, Raven Financial Services, which manages private mortgage portfolios. We are in a unique position to offer VERICO Brokers and Agents to the private Lenders on the Raven platform. The affiliation with a Network then became a natural fit, as it would provide an additional value proposition to Brokers, Agents, Raven Private Lenders and consumers.

V: What made you choose VERICO?

RG: Well, I had already built both businesses independently – and they both have become strong recognizable brands. VERICO has allowed me to retain my brand identity and recognition. Therefore, keeping my brand was extremely important to me – and so VERICO became an evident choice.

Knowing that Albert Collu is at the helm of VERICO – someone who personifies excellence and professionalism and integrity in this industry – was what made me seal the deal with the network.

I am looking forward to the benefits of VERICO for my clients and Redwood in the years to come.

V: Tell us about one of your career highlights.

RG: Since back in the 20th century, I have been in the industry for the past 38 years and have gained experience as a lender, mortgage broker, and administrator. What can I say? I just love mortgages and keep reinventing myself.

V: What are some of the goals for Redwood Mortgage in the next  5 years?

RG: I will continue servicing the client base of Redwood Mortgage with the same enthusiasm as usual. Raven Financial will remain independent and manage private mortgage portfolios.

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