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“My advice for brokers would be to make sure you associate yourself with the best in the business. And for us, that is VERICO.”

Having been with the VERICO Network from the very start, Steve Rogerson knows how Paragon Mortgage’s membership with VERICO has been fundamental in supporting the growth and success of his brand and business.

One of the largest brokerages in Canada, originating over $1 Billion in loans yearly, VERICO Paragon Mortgages started off in 2005, the same year that John Kelly and Colin Dreyer started operating the Network. “They were starting a company that had a different philosophy,” remembers Rogerson, “and I jumped on board.”

“We joined VERICO because they stood for openness and honesty, and that is exactly the way we run our business,” says the successful and seasoned mortgage industry professional, who highlights the importance of ethical behavior and a pristine reputation in his career.

To gain more insight into one of Canada’s most successful brokerages, read the full article below.

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