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The Story

The Journey began with


VERICO began with a single idea - to unite top mortgage originators in Canada and create additional opportunities and value for this group of highly driven professionals and together, make a mark on the Canadian mortgage industry.

In 2005, the journey began with a single member in Vancouver, BC.

Then, slowly but surely, word of our network - our ideals - spread and our membership grew along with our reputation.

Two years later, the VERICO network went national with members in every province from coast to coast.

In 2010, the VERICO network reached $10 billion in collective loan volume, a number that rivalled the mortgage business of big 5 banks.

Today, over 200 mortgage business owners and entrepreneurs share these ideals and choose to be a part of the VERICO Network.

Operating at the highest degree of professionalism, excellence and ethical standards, we originate over 12 billion and counting.

The Story

The Story

VERICO Management Team

VERICO was founded by Colin Dreyer and John Kelly.

Each was an industry leader in his own right having been at the helm of many successful businesses in real estate and mortgage.

But together, with true innovation and vision, they changed the landscape of the Canadian Mortgage industry and created Canada’s first network of brokers.

Colin Dreyer

/ Chief Executive Officer/President
Colin Dreyer is a founding director of Verico Financial Group Inc. He presently serves as the corporations CEO and President.

As the former president of the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP) he was one of the originating designees of CAAMP's AMP (Accredited Mortgage Professional Designation). He is presently Chair of the CIMBL Foundation. Colin is also Past President of the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board, and a Past Director of the B.C. Real Estate Association and Past Director of the Canadian Real Estate Association.

Colin is a graduate of the Professional Development Program from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia (SFU). He combined his interest in business and his enthusiasm for personal development and began a highly successful sales career that ultimately resulted in ownership of various companies including mortgage brokerage, real estate brokerage and franchising, as well as real estate development.

Colin Dreyer

Colin established one of British Columbia's premier mortgage companies in 1990 - The Mortgage Source Ltd. - which was amalgamated with Invis Financial in June 2000.

Colin has remained active in the mortgage industry providing professional consulting services to a variety of local and national companies. In addition to Colin's diversification in business he has gained invaluable experience by serving on countless industry related committees and task forces over the past 20 years.

John Kelly

/ Chief Operating Officer
John Kelly is a founder and director of Verico Financial Group Inc. He presently serves as the corporation's COO.

John has extensive senior level experience in the mortgage, insurance, and real estate business. John began his career as a real estate appraiser and mortgage lender for London Life Mortgage Division. John went on to establish a mortgage technology company with clients that ranged from real estate boards to financial institutions across Canada.

John sold the company in 2000 and began a new career as a senior executive at Century 21 Real Estate Canada where he founded CENTUM and introduced a new networking business model and loan pooling system to the Canadian mortgage market. In 2005 John left CENTUM to found and launch VERICO.

Experienced leadership Invested in your success.

John Kelly

Sean Widdess

/ National Sales Manager
Sean Widdess is the National Sales Manager for Verico Financial Group Inc. He oversees the strategic direction, along with the daily process of our sales and member services.

Sean is a Financial Management graduate from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. He went on to be a Financial Advisor for 7 years with a focus on the insurance business with much of his business being referred from mortgage agents in BC. During that time he became one of the youngest CFP graduates in Canada.

He joined VERICO in 2006. He has spent his time travelling the country representing VERICO at various tradeshows and industry events. Sean’s focus is to assist in the continued success of VERICO Canada and its many brokers across Canada, assisting them in growing their business and bringing in fellow VERICO members with equally high standards to the Network.

Sean Widdess


The Story

Our People

Members of the VERICO network have a reputation second to none.

VERICO members are top producers that take pride in our core pillars of excellence, professionalism and ethical standards; as a result, we have earned a reputation that is respected and admired in the industry.

Our members give back. They provide their time and leadership at Provincial and National mortgage associations. Many are trusted experts that are regularly interviewed by the media for their opinions and insights.

Calum Ross

VERICO The Mortgage Management Group
Member since 2012
My Reason
“Joining VERICO was the best decision for my brokerage, as VERICO brings the right support elements to the table yet lets its brokers shine and operate under their own unique branding and business models. VERICO has a visionary and highly ethical leadership team, industry-leading marketing tools, and finally, an engrained commitment to continually improve its offerings and to stand behind them. It sends a clear message to the broker industry that VERICO has one-year renewable contracts, with the point to not lock brokers in, but convert them to self-subscribing loyal customers through delivery on its service promise.”

Sabeena Bubber

VERICO Integré Mortgage Partners
Member since 2009
My Reason
“Since joining VERICO, my success as a broker has been remarkably elevated, not only with my clients, but also among my peers.

I think that it is critically important for mortgage brokers to be recognized for our professionalism, our pursuit of excellence and our ethical standards. VERICO stands for all of this and more.”

Jared Dreyer

VERICO Dreyer Group Mortgage Inc.
Member since 2005
My Reason
“VERICO is at the forefront of business innovation and is a true leader in this industry. The tools, technology and support that has come as a result, has helped our business stay competitive in today's ever changing market.

As the most trusted and respected mortgage network, VERICO continues to enhance and grow their broker network through setting the highest standards in every aspect of their business philosophy.”

Garth Ellis

VERICO Ellis Mortgages Canada
Member since 2005
My Reason
“The same reasons that compelled me to join VERICO 7 years ago are the same reasons that keep me with the VERICO network today:

+ Association with the most respected mortgage professionals in Canada
+ My trust in VERICO’s management
+ Confidence that VERICO is dedicated to help me row my business.”

Don MacVicar

VERICO Premiere Mortgage Centre
Member since 2007
My Reason
“My reasons for joining the VERICO network have been reinforced year after year. I chose to associate myself and my team with the best and most respected in the industry. VERICO continues to add tremendous value with "best in class" technology, sales tools and Lender relationships. We would not have had the same levels of success without the VERICO team in our corner!"

The Story

Our Principals

The VERICO Mission

Verico Financial Group Inc. continually strives to develop a network of Canada's most trusted mortgage experts that provide the highest standard of brokerage services to their customer and lender partners through a dedication to professionalism, advocacy and ethics.

The VERICO Mortgage Broker Network prides itself on professionalism, excellence, and ethical standards and as a result, we have earned a reputation that is coveted in the industry.

With over 190 independently owned and operated mortgage brokerage firms nationwide, 2400+ agents, and over $12 billion in annualized loan production, VERICO is comprised of the most professional and influential mortgage companies and originators in the country.

Collectively as a network, we have set the industry standard and positioned ourselves as the brand of choice for higher performing mortgage brokers who share our commitment to professionalism, advocacy, and ethical conduct.


The Story

President's Letter

One of the most gratifying parts of my job is to watch the successes that the VERICO network has collectively achieved year after year.

In 2005, when we created VERICO, the concept of a true network of mortgage brokers did not exsist in the industry.

There were the superbrokers and franchises, but VERICO aspired to be neither.

VERICO aspired to create a partnership between lenders and mortgage brokers that created mutual opporunties for success.

This single idea of a network of peers, operating our businesses with a steadfast commitment to professionalism, excellence and ethical standards, continues to set us apart to this day. We continue to attract the top professional originators and influential companies in Canada who share our principles and want to grow their business, their brand, their way.

Our commitment to VERICO members’ individual business growth and brand equity is stronger than ever.

Our commitment to quality and excellence remains unwavering.

This is an exciting and rewarding industry with lots of opportunity for those who have the experience, the talent and the drive.

Over and over again, brokers and business owners who talk to us and explore the opportunities with VERICO come away surprised and impressed.

I encourage you to talk to us. And find out why VERICO is the #1 mortgage brokerage network in Canada.


Colin Dreyer

Colin Dreyer
Verico Financial Group Inc.

The Story

National Advisory Council

The National Advisory Council(NAC) consists of a representative group of VERICO Licensees who meets periodically with the management of VERICO Financial Group Inc.

The purpose of NAC is to promote constructive, open and two-way communications between all of the Licensees and the management of VERICO Canada. NAC serves in an advisory capacity and VERICO Canada management will take into consideration the input of the NAC in formulating plans, programs and policies which affect Licensees of the VERICO Mortgage Brokers Network.

National Advisory Council Members

Lionel Lewko (PC)
VERICO Sask. Mortgage Corp.

Jared Dreyer
VERICO Dreyer Group Mortgages
[website][6045363802][South Surrey]

Sandra Fisher (PC)
Verico iMortgage Solutions

Len Lane (PC)
Verico Brokers For Life Inc.

Frank Petrin (PC)
Verico CML Canadian Mortgage Lender Inc
[website][1 866 265-7988][Canmore]

Daryl French (PC)
VERICO LendingMax Corp

Kevin Clark
Verico Complete Mortgage Services

Morris Briglio
VERICO The Mortgage Advantage
[website][6046572825][North Vancouver]

Sandy Fisher (PC)


Sandy Fisher
Verico iMortgage Solutions

Pat Dell (PC)
VERICO Crown Mortgage Services Inc

Diane Macpherson
VERICO One Link Mortgage
[website][1-866-954-7620 ext. 218][Winnipeg]

Brian Matthey (PC)
VERICO The Mortgage Professionals
[website][6133844000 #222][Kingston]

Wayne Sudsbury
VERICO Homeguard Funding
[website][9058951777 #125][Newmarket]

Roslyn Goldmintz (PC)
VERICO RBG Mortgage Professionals

Brian Matthey
VERICO The Mortgage Professionals
[website][6133844000 #222][Kingston]

Jean Pierre Lessard (PC)
Verico Imeris Agence Hypothecaire Inc

Calum Ross (PC)
VERICO The Mortgage Management Group
[website][4164109905 #207][Toronto]

Terry Kilakos
VERICO North East Mortgages

My Life is Better with VERICO

You have the experience, the talent, and the drive.

8:10 AM

Coffee in hand, kids off to school and I’m ready to start the day. After I’ve check my emails, I take a look at my Veriweb site, which only took me 10 mins to create. I make some adjustments to the widgets and make the key ones pop to my website visitors. I also hop over to VERICO Magazine to check out the latest mortgage and real estate news and this month’s VERICO TV episode.

VeriwebVERICO Mortgage Magazine

8:32 AM

I check the lead that came in through Veriweb last night to my Verico Dynamics account. Because I can access the Dynamics system from my Outlook, it’s really easy to keep an eye on my current deals and run reports on renewals that are coming up in the next 6 months. Direct from Outlook, I send an email to the lead to set up a phone meeting.

VeriwebVerico Dynamics

9:40 AM

A long time client of mine is now buying a cottage in the Muskoka area but has a big mortgage on a commercial building. Another VERICO member might have the answer I need. I will just post my question on VERICO Talks. I’ll also log into VERICO Sharepoint and use our Lender Vault tool to narrow down lender options.

VERICO TalksVERICO Sharepoint

10:30 AM

I’ve logged into VERICO Tools and I’m prepping some feature sheets for an 11:00 appointment. This was a referral from my realtor so I will customize the Feature Sheets with her photo and logo. I’ll create a ‘Lifetime Comparison’ , ‘Fixed vs Variable’ and the ‘basic Interest vs Principal’ sheet. If I need more, I can always access VERICO Tools at the coffee shop and show the client right on my laptop.


11:10 AM

Meeting with clients is going great. They want to submit an app now, so I open VERICO Mobile Office on my iPad and fill it out with them. While we chat, I've also emailed the link to my Mobile Agent app to their phones. If they want to check rates or do a mortgage calculation, they can do it on their phones. It’s like having my own branded mortgage toolbox on my client's phone!

VERICO Mobile Office

12:15 PM

After the meeting I open my Verico Dynamics account from my Outlook and add my new clients to my Verico Dynamics CRM marketing. They will not only get birthday and seasonal emails automatically but also mortgage application status notifications – this truly is a complete mortgage business management system.

Verico Dynamics

12:48 PM

Just finished a phone call to the lead that came through Veriweb last night. It’s a first time home buyer wanting a pre-approval. I’ll place this deal with one of VERICO’s preferred lenders. I can offer a competitive rate and great product features for this couple.


1:28 PM

VERICO Academy webinar is starting in 2 minutes. This one is on industry stats, market outlook for rest of the year and ideas on how to adapt my marketing strategies. Should be chock full of ideas.

Verico Academy

2:22 PM

While at VERICO Academy, I’ll check out the last ‘Hear from the Pros’ recorded session on unique marketing ideas. Hear from the Pros always has great insights and perspectives.

Verico Academy

3:30 PM

Coming up to the middle of the month. This is usually the time when I start prepping my newsletter. Shouldn’t take too long once I find the VERICO at Home newsletter template in my emails from head office. Just update my bio and put in an additional article I found on VERICO Sharepoint and it’s done!

Verico Dynamics

Join Canada’s #1 Network and put your business on the fast track.

The VERICO network is home to a distinguished group of professionals. From industry magnates to savvy financial technophiles to award winning advocates, VERICO members are in a class of our own.

“We created a space for top performing individuals where there was none before. VERICO does, and will continue to, fully support individual businesses in all our strategic efforts.”

It’s true, we are not a Superbroker and we are not a Franchise.

Align yourself with individuals who, like you, are aiming for the next level of success.

Join a VERICO mortgage brokerage company and get access to the professional advantages that will help you get there faster.

The Advantage

The Advantage

Your Business, Your Brand,
Your Way.

VERICO is a space for top performing individuals where there was none before.

The VERICO network is home to a distinguished group of professionals. From industry magnets to savvy financial technophiles to award winning advocates, VERICO members are in a class of our own.

VERICO Broker owners can expect to access more tools, services, and more lender accessibility than any Superbroker or Franchise.

Karen Gibbard

VERICO Gibbard Group Financial
Member since 2010
My Reason
“I joined VERICO because I liked the business model; it’s simple, straight-forward, and just makes plain business sense. Like most entrepreneurs, I want to be in charge of MY business and how it runs on a daily basis. With VERICO, I have the ability to use their tools and strategic alliances when I need or want to. I have the freedom to focus on promoting MY brand.

A simple way to sum up my reason for joining VERICO: It just makes plain business sense.”

Allan Kates

VERICO Northwood Mortgage Ltd.
Member since 2012
My Reason
“Northwood Mortgage Ltd. has been a long time independent company and we joined VERICO for many important reasons.

Many lenders commented on the quality of the people involved in the Network; and that reputation has strengthened our own relationships with lender partners. VERICO's CRM and other technologies have also allowed us to concentrate on our core business. We are extremely satisfied with our move to the Network and we only look forward to growing our relationship with VERICO."

Nick L'Ecuyer

VERICO The Mortgage Wellness Group
Member since 2009
My Reason
“I know I am surrounded by the best team of mortgage professionals from coast to coast, because I am part of the VERICO network. VERICO’s principals are second to none and it is reassuring to know that I am part of a network of elite performers in the industry.

VERICO offers the freedom to be independent, but I still get all the benefits of a large respected organization which allows me to lead in my local market and provide my clients with the absolute best solution for their individual needs.”

Garth Lyon

VERICO CML Canadian Mortgage Lender Inc.
Member since 2008
My Reason
“The mortgage industry is changing quickly and we want to be associated with professionals who understand how these dynamics affect our business. The leadership at VERICO is well respected and they provide us with tremendous guidance in uncertain times.

Being a part of the VERICO team means surrounding ourselves with experienced professionals who can assist in growing our business through a continually evolving financial landscape.”

Movers & Shakers

You Do...
  • Receive 100% of Finders Fees Directly from the Lender
  • Receive 100% of Top Tier Volume Bonus Directly from the Lender
  • Own your Clients
  • Own your Income Streams
  • Own your Business
  • Control Your Business
  • Build Equity in Your Brand
  • Maintain your Independent Brand
You Do Not...
  • Pay Royalties
  • Pay Splits
  • Get Locked-in to a Long-term Contract
  • Pay an Upfront Fee to Join
  • Give Up your Consumer Brand
  • Have Limitations to your Growth

The Advantage

The VERICO Advantage

Find out why Top Producing Brokers have joined VERICO.

Talk to us today and get The VERICO Advantage.

Verico Dynamics

Verico Dynamics is a next generation business management tool built specifically for Canadian mortgage brokers.

It encompasses the mortgage process in its entirety from Leads Management to Transaction Management to Customer Relationship Management.

Nurture your leads, manage your mortgage transactions and talk to your past customers all from one place - your VERICO Dynamics dashboard. Intuitive automation and integration with D+H increases your efficiency and effectiveness at the prospecting, processing, and promotion stages of the mortgage business cycle.

Verico Dynamics Veriweb

Verico Academy

The place for higher learning.

Top professionals keep current with VERICO’s library of training videos. VERICO Academy also features a full schedule of live webinars including the Brian Tracy group, VERICO peers sharing best practices and various industry participants.

Verico Academy



Network with your peers at our annual events.

Verico Tools

Suite of fully customizable marketing collateral.

Whether you are meeting with clients or referral sources, VERICO Tools is a must stop place.

Verico Tools Verico Mobile Office Verico Mobile Agent App


Verico Mobile Office

Process you mortgage business on the go, wherever you are.

Push apps to D+H, get rates and contact your BDM direct from your iPad or tablet.

Verico Mobile Office


Crowd source from Canada’s #1 network of Mortgage Brokers.


Verico Mobile Agent App

It’s a mobile business card integrated with rate calculators and mortgage news for your clients’ smartphones.

You are a click away on any mobile device.

Verico Mobile Office

VERICO Magazine

Your daily source of Mortgage News

VERICO Mortgage Magazine

The Advantage

Lenders & Suppliers


The VERICO network has established alliances with Canada's top mortgage lending financial institutions that include a wide variety of Banks, Trusts, Credit Unions and Mortgage Companies.

At VERICO, each mortgage lender provides their loan products through qualified Mortgage Brokers that are able to provide consumers with knowledgeable advice and expert services.

Consequently, these lenders are able to serve Canadian consumers better by offering a wide variety of mortgage loan products together with unparalleled professional expertise and service to a broader range of Canadian consumers. VERICO members have access to a wide array of lenders and products, many of them with preferred relationships.


The VERICO network has top quality suppliers for its members.




Talk to us

Join the Club.

The top professional and most influential Mortgage Companies and Originators in the country have joined the VERICO Network.

Our standards are second to none and so are our members. Expect more access to innovative tools, support services, industry leading technology and lender accessibility than any Superbroker or Franchise.

VERICO Members only pay a nominal monthly fee to be a member, however there is a qualification process to ensure the quality of our membership.

Owners Do...
  • Receive 100% of Finders Fees
  • Receive 100% of Top Tier Volume Bonus
  • Own Your Clients
  • Own Your Income Streams
  • Own Your Business
  • Control Your Business
  • Build Equity in Your Brand
  • Maintain Your Independent Brand
Owners Do Not...
  • Pay Royalties
  • Pay Splits
  • Get Locked-in to a long term Contract
  • Pay an Upfront Fee to Join
  • Give Up your Consumer Brand
  • Have Limitations to your Growth

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Find out why VERICO is #1 Mortgage Brokers Network in Canada!

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