Shane Bruce wins Marketing Campaign of the Year 2015 Award

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We are proud to announce that Shane Bruce, of VERICO ACME Mortgage Professionals, has won the Marketing Campaign of the Year Awards, awarded by CAAMP in recognition of an outstanding marketing campaign executed in the past year.

Shane Bruce, owner and president of VERICO ACME Mortgage Professionals can project that his marketing efforts will produce more than $20 million in closed mortgages before year-end and attributes the campaign’s unmatched co-branding approach for its success.

Along with working with realtors within his 100-kilometre service area, Shane included both traditional and contemporary forms of advertising to make sure the general public became familiar with ACME and the services it offers.

Aware that reality television series rate high in the rankings, Shane sponsored and co-produced a new mini-series called Open House Newfoundland. Started in September, the series features a behind-the scenes look at local young and dynamic real estate experts, showcasing everything from how they secure the best possible mortgage deals to how they keep their clients happy.

A multitude of radio, print and social media ads, along with public appearances from the always humorous Bruce worked to support the TV show and ACME’s value proposition. The public began to instinctively link ACME with trusted financial advice and actively sought ACME professionals for the largest borrowing requirement of their lives.
“The bottom line,” he says, “is simply to ensure that ACME becomes associated with trust and reliability for the people in Newfoundland.” The work of ACME’s professionals has been greatly furthered by this memorable marketing campaign that has successfully put the company in the public eye.

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