“My alliance with VERICO will help me achieve my vision”

Jennifer Iachelli knows what she wants  – and now has the support needed to get there

“This business is crazy,” admits Jennifer Iachelli, broker-owner at VERICO Serenity Mortgages, “that is why we brokers  need to stick together.” The newest member of the VERICO Network was looking for “a large support network” in order to better navigate the industry – “but still maintaining my independent branding and marketing style.”

Jennifer has a clear vision for her business and a strong proposition for clients who come to her for financial advice. The name of her brokerage, Serenity Mortgages, encompasses that vision and is unquestionably a part of Jennifer’s approach to life. “It wouldn’t feel right if I had to diminish that vision by assuming another brokerage’s brand.”

“I was also overwhelmed by the support being offered,” says Jennifer, adding to the list of reasons why she chose VERICO. “ I had a big list of needs as an independent: auxiliary loan products, insurance opportunities, better agreements with lenders, white label opportunities, future underwriting support – it was amazing how Jeff (Sampson, Member Services and Business Development) seemed to tick off each one as we talked.”

Now that VERICO Serenity Mortgages is aligned with Canada’s Broker Network of the Year (awarded in 2013, 2014 and 2016), Jennifer feels like she can focus on growing her business and do what she really loves. “It’s a hallelujah moment every time – to be able to help a family in crisis, a client in debt, to be able to build their wealth or buy their first home.”

“Jennifer has built a solid business and demonstrates a thoughtful understanding of what her clients need,” reflects Martin Marshall, Director of Business Relations for VERICO Eastern Canada. “After putting her brokerage through our thorough selection process, it was clear that Serenity Mortgages was a good fit for our Network.”

The broker-owner recognizes that so many people have helped her come this far, and having the support and guidance of others is what made her join VERICO in the first place. Compassionate towards her peers in the industry, Jennifer ponders: “we are brave, we are persistent, and we are compassionate – and we are completely nuts for taking on this kind of stress.”

With VERICO, she knows she is not alone.

“It wouldn’t feel right if I had to diminish that vision by assuming another brokerage’s brand.”

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