Based in Nanaimo, BC, Oceanvale Mortgage & Finance joins the VERICO Network under the Dreyer Group. Principal broker Nolan Smith signed with the network earlier in 2016, and is one of the new members who have added to the spectacular growth experienced by VERICO this year.

It was extremely important for Nolan to keep a high level of independence when it came to his brand and business. “Having the freedom to move and operate according to your strengths bolsters one’s best chance of success. I can’t think of anything better for my career,” he adds.

“I chose VERICO because I want the freedom to operate my own business and take it in the direction that I envision,” says the newcomer to the Network, a seasoned professional who chose to join VERICO after extensive research on what other networks had to offer. “Jeff (Sampson, Member Services and Business Development) and Jared (Dreyer, Vice President,Corporate Relations) were exceptionally accommodating as I went through the discovery and application process. Their support, professionalism and thoroughness completely validated and solidified my decision to join VERICO.”

“In Oceanvale Mortgage & Finance, we see the potential for a lot of growth in the next 5 years,” says Chad Dreyer, Director of Business Relations for VERICO Western Canada. “They have a scalable business model, and we’ll see their expansion to other markets on Vancouver Island in due time.”

By his own experiences, Nolan believes that building a close-knit group of quality employees will be key to maintaining “the incomparable customer service and forward-thinking business practices” that will ensure VERICO Oceanvale Mortgage & Finance is always top of mind.

I want to work with people and organizations that stand tall in their field, are free-thinking, and support enterprise – and VERICO became the evident choice.”

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