When the owners of their previous brokerage decided to retire, Dan and Scott Conte knew right away which professional Network their new firm, VERICO Best Mortgage Loans, would be affiliated with.

They chose to continue their long-standing membership with VERICO

“Over the past 8 years, the mortgage industry has been through incredible change,” says Scott Conte, “and VERICO has remained a key player in the game.”

Their decision is added proof that VERICO, one of Canada’s leading mortgage networks, continues to deliver the best-in-class services and benefits to its members since the network’s inception a decade ago.

Scott adds that the network’s ability to continually help them excel in the competitive mortgage market is one of the many reasons why “continuing their partnership with VERICO was the only decision that made sense for the team at Best Mortgage Loans.”

Scott and Dan know that managing VERICO Best Mortgage Loans will be a new kind of challenge, despite their long­-standing individual success as agents.

“Entrepreneurship and owning a business has its own set of challenges ” says Martin Marshall, VERICO Regional Sales Manager for Eastern Canada, “and that is why being a part of the VERICO Network is so beneficial for firms big and small, old and new.”

Scott and Dan are confident that excellent customer service will set them apart from their competitors. “If we stay committed to the needs and wants of our clients, business will follow,” says Scott.­ It is a practice which has been very successful for them, especially when supported by the VERICO suite of results-driven tools.

Dan adds that, among the many benefits of being with VERICO, he is most excited about the opportunity for VERICO Best Mortgage Loans to “establish and build a brand that truly reflects us.”

With their industry experience and unwavering dedication to customers, VERICO Best Mortgage Loans is on its way to becoming another of VERICO Network’s outstanding members.

“We are most excited about the opportunity that VERICO gives us to establish and build a brand that truly reflects us”

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