VERICO is proud to support the Mortgage Awards of Excellence

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VERICO is proud to support the Mortgage Awards of Excellence celebrating leadership, achievement and the pursuit of distinction in Canada’s mortgage industry.

The new awards event will take place May 3, 2018.

VERICO will be a key sponsor of the awards event and President, Albert Collu, is also Chair of the Mortgage Awards of Excellence Committee.

These awards represent a collaborative industry initiative created to exemplify the spirit and inclusiveness of mortgage professionals from across the country.

“I am honoured to Chair this fantastic initiative. The industry committee and I are extremely excited about these awards. They represent the pinnacle of professional achievement in our industry and allow individuals the opportunity to recognize the contributions, commitment and excellence of their colleagues,” says Albert.

“It is absolutely wonderful to see a complete alignment from various industry leaders and stakeholders. The Mortgage Awards of Excellence Committee is comprised of mortgage brokerages, networks, lenders, mortgage insurers, associations, and technology organizations, all of which have set aside the competitive forces of their day to day businesses to work in partnership,” adds Albert.

It is with this in mind that the committee will focus on: 1) establishing an awards nomination and selection process which maintains objectivity and integrity and 2) operating as a not for profit event (net proceeds will be reinvested in the event to reduce future costs and/or donated to charitable organizations).

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The Mortgage Awards of Excellence Committee is comprised of the following individuals and organizations who have played an integral role in the creation of these awards:

Albert Collu, Verico Financial Group Inc., Chair of Mortgage Awards of Excellence
Michael Beckette, Mortgage Alliance, Chair of Awards Committee
Vince Agozzino, Paradigm Quest, Co-Chair of Awards Committee
Samir Asusa, Mortgage Professionals Canada
Boris Bozic, Merix Financial
Michael Cameron, Axiom Mortgage
Sam Carnovale, CMHC
Alfonso Casciato, Street Capital Financial
Ron Cuadra, Home Trust
Dong Lee, Mortgage Architects
Mary Putnam, Canada Guaranty
Tim Rye, Davis and Henderson
Marc Shendale, Genworth
Cameron Strong, Invis/MI
Elaine Taylor, MCAP
Dave Trithart, Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association

Sub-Committee Members

Claude Girard, Laurentian Bank
Scott Peckford, I Love Mortgage Brokering
Amanda Roy, Alberta Mortgage Broker Association
Cara Shulman, Mortgage Professionals Canada
Hali Strandlund-Noble, WIMI
Dave Teixeira, Dominion Lending Centres

Honourees will be announced during the awards ceremony on May 3, 2018. Additional information will be available in the coming weeks.

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