McKay Wood wins Best Newcomer Individual Agent

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McKay Wood, Mortgage Broker with VERICO Paragon Mortgage Pal, was recognized with the Best Newcomer, Individual Agent or Broker Award during the CMA Gala on May 12, 2017.

Q: What was going through your mind as they announced your name?

A: When they announced my name the previous feeling of anxiety (I actually had no appetite) was swept away with relief and calmness as I started the walk to the podium. I could’t figure out if the lack of appetite and nervousness was from yearning to be the winner or the fact that I was still working on a file for a close friend. I had pieced together a few bullet points in my mind and enjoyed the opportunity to speak in front of an audience and an industry that has already been so kind to me.

Q: How do you make yourself and your business stand out in this industry?

A: My bowtie seems to draw a significant amount of attention from both broker and client. It sets me apart and I am loyal to it. In addition I am just in the process of branding myself as the Mortgage Monk. I will have marketing collateral and videos under this new brand to differentiate me from the crowd. Also I have significant background in humanitarian work and this is a major passion for me. One of my goals is to shed light and offer education on how we can help the struggles of people who live in countries where basic needs are the difference between life or misery.

Q: What advice can you provide to those aspiring to achieve more in their career?

A: For those who are new, I would encourage them to be very selective in which firm they join in order to get excellent training and have the opportunity to work on many files. The Hybrid model of traditional and online approach has been a significant factor in getting me to the podium in just less than 2 years. Doing the correct things early in your career will allow you to be fluent when the business starts flowing and time becomes strained. The right firm will also give you access to resources, allowing you to free up time to do what you do best. And lastly – work, work, work…there is no substitute!

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