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Karen Peterke joins VERICO

By May 10, 2017 No Comments

VERICO Premiere Mortgage Centre, announces the opening of Premiere Clearview Mortgage

V: Why did you take that leap from being a mortgage broker to becoming a sub-office?

KP: VERICO Premiere has been like a family to me over the years, Kerri, Don and I have a lot of history and although I wanted to be independent I didn’t want to lose that connection.  However, it was time to build my brand name and at Clearview Financial Group we also do cash flow planning, insurance and investments so it was necessary to build the other side of the business.

V: What made you choose VERICO Premiere Mortgage?

KP: I worked with Kerri & Don when they both worked at Home Loans Canada.  They are family to me so it was an easy transition from HLC to Premiere back when they started up almost 10 years ago.  I want to continue that connection.

V: What was your number one priority when opening your own sub-office?

KP: Continuing to provide the amazing level of service that I witnessed at Premiere, while at the same time building my own brand.

V: Tell me about one of your career highlights.

KP: I would say the opening of the corporation and amalgamation of the financial planning/cash flow/mortgage world where we could now offer all services to our clients so that all facets of one’s financial plan could be coordinated.

V: What are some of the goals for your brokerage in the next year? What about in the next 5 years?

KP: To hire more Clearview Representatives so that I can work further on the business and not as much in the business and solidify our process.  In the next 5 years, we expect to have a number of Clearview representatives on board being able to service all of my existing clients and new clients as well.

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