Empowering consumers with Electronic Signatures

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“It’s vitally important we use technology to our advantage in an effort to deliver the best possible customer experience,” says VERICO COO, John Kelly.

“Brokers should be using public utilities like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and purpose built technologies are becoming well-rounded and really useful. There is an endless array of technology available to brokers who want to deliver that higher level of experience.

VERICO follows a strategy that is different from most of our competitors. We believe that there is no substitute for the many and varied enterprise class technologies that are being developed worldwide,” says Kelly.

With that in mind VERICO’s BrokerBase platform connects to Mail Chimp, Google Drive, Gmail, as well as Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce and all of the specific Canadian broker based technologies that are being used today, including Teneda, OTTO, GoMax and Securesign.

SecureSign, a provider of esignature enabled mortgage applications was recently featured in CMP.  Read more below.

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