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Spectacular Growth for the VERICO Network with 21 new member firms in 12 months

By May 18, 2016 No Comments

Expansion continues for the VERICO Network as we close a spectacular first quarter with 9 firms added to our membership, totaling 21 new firms in the past 12 months.

Colin Dreyer, President and CEO of the 2016 Canadian Mortgage Award winning Broker Network, says the continuing growth trend is indicative of the value that VERICO offers to true entrepreneurs.

“VERICO continues to offer entrepreneurs in the brokerage community the unrestricted freedom to take full control of their business direction along with the highest level of support, a breadth of services and leading edge technology,” states Dreyer.

“Most importantly – and this is central to our core values – VERICO does not penalize our members for their business growth. Other brokerage networks operate with uncapped royalties, increasing membership fees in relation to a brokerage’s growth. That has never happened, and will never happen, at VERICO.”

The new added loan volume exceeds $1.5 Billion, making this a great start of the year for VERICO. The Network now originates in excess of $15 Billion in loan volume.

Trevor Yerema of VERICO Advanced Mortgage and Lending Solutions says that the network’s model is unique, highlighting that “VERICO has the systems in place to support my brand, without blurring the lines and overly promoting itself.”

“I can move forward using my own brand and tools to grown my business with the confidence to know that when needed, VERICO will be there to help,” adds Yerema.

Cricky Smith of VERICO Financial Freedom Solutions and Referrals Inc. echoes Yerema’s reasoning for joining the network.  “Finding the right solution with the least amount of efforts for our clients is what we strive to achieve, and ultimately that is why we joined VERICO.”

“Growth is important to stay competitive,” reflected Dreyer, “but our priority is, and always will be, delivering the best value to our current members – many of whom have been with us from the start.”

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