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The team at Quantus Mortgages is Canada’s best, for reasons that might surprise you

By June 9, 2016 No Comments

Closing off the night at the CMAs in a spectacular way, Todd Fralic and Paul Bojakli of Quantus Mortgages took the highly coveted CMA for Mortgage Brokerage of the Year with 25 employees of more.

Bojakli was quick to recognize that this CMA would not have been possible without the help of the hand-picked team of professionals, stating that “the team award is a compliment to the work we do collectively.”

“Because of the people that we have in our brokerage, Todd and I already felt that we had Canada’s Best Brokerage,” he adds.

The heartfelt, earnest statement comes after the first year of Quantus’ launch of Community Key, a charity that helps families of sick and terminally ill children make their mortgage payments and rent.

“Giving back is a valued belief for this team,” affirms Bojakli, as he explains that every broker at Quantus Mortgages has signed up to donate an amount from their deals to the charity funds. “Our team is extremely generous and we are very proud of them.”

Bojakli also mentioned the VERICO Network – which won the CMA for Network of the Year for the 3rd time in 4 years – as one of the factors that have helped the team at Quantus Mortgages achieve this award.

“What impresses me about VERICO is the fact they care about our business! They care about our people and they care about us!”

“Somehow, VERICO finds a way to work with our needs,” states the proud broker-owner and network member.

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